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Derumbleizer versions available

The Basic Derumbleizer measures 1-3/4 x 3-1/8 x 5-1/4 inches. (44 x 78 x 33mm)
The Deluxe Derumbleizer (coming soon) measures 1-3/4 x 3-1/8 x 7-1/2 inches, including knobs. (44 x 78 x 190mm)
Precision resistors and capacitors are used throughout, as well as low noise integrated circuits.
The extruded aluminum enclosure completely shields the circuitry from outside electromagnetic fields, and is available in clear or black anodized finishes.

The Basic version includes a phono preamp and an RIAA equalizer, so it can be used with amplifiers without phono inputs. (aux input)

Derumbleizer front view

Basic Derumbleizer rear view

The Deluxe version (coming soon) has variable equalization settings to use for pre-1950's LPs and 78rpm records.

Deluxe Derumbleizer under construction

The equalzation settings include the most common ones, plus a couple extras, so it should work with any record you choose to throw at it.
Either version can be customized with the equalization settings of your choice (within a percent or two), for an additional fee.

Other versions are in development that will be compatible with moving coil cartridges.
A Signal Processor without the RIAA preamp is also in development that can be used with your own phono preamp, or in the tape loop of your amplifier.

The following graphs illustrate the variable equalization settings.

Bass turnover settings of flat (5Hz), 20, 40, 50, 70, 100Hz with bass boost at 500Hz and treble cut at 2.1kHz.


Bass boost settings of flat (5Hz), 150, 200, 270, 360, 500Hz with bass turnover at 50Hz and treble cut at 2.1kHz.


Treble cut settings of 1.5, 2.1, 3.6, 5.2, 6.3kHz and flat (53kHz) for bass turnover at 50Hz and bass boost at 500Hz.


For acoustic records, all equalization set to "flat".


Note the scale change from previous graphs.

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